Oct. 27 2017

Lunge feeding humpback whales!

Oct. 22 2017

Tail lobbing baby humpback and swarms of jellies.

Sept. 10 2017

Active humpback whales a pod of bottlenose dolphins and swarms of sooty shearwaters!

Aug. 24 2017

Male killer whale Fatfin breaching humpbacks and tons of sea lions!

Aug. 8 2017

Many humpback whales off Moss Landing and a mola mola!

July 23 2017

Many friendly humpback whales just outside the Moss Landing Harbor seen in both the morning and afternoon!

June 18 2017

Absolutely amazing day! Humpback whale tail lobbing a blue whale rissos dolphins pacific whitesided dolphins northern right whale dolphins and a northern fur seal!!

June 10 2017

Friendly humpback whales!

June 5 2017

Humpback whales lunge feeding with scattered rissos dolphins and pacific whitesided dolphins!

May 14 2017 Humpback whales close to the boat!

Apr. 29 2017 Pod of killer whales many humpback wh

Amazing day on Saturday! Started off the trip with killer whales and scattered humpback whales and then found a pod of rissos dolphins before ending the day.

Apr. 11 2017 Humpback whales

Apr. 3 2017 Humpback whales

Feb. 4 2017 Two male killer whales

Jan. 16 2017 Orcas and humpback whales

Dec. 26 2016 Humpback whales